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  • TRiO-Student Support Services

Accessibility Services

Centennial • A-115 • 719-502-3333
Downtown Studio • DO-S126 • 719-502-3333
Rampart Range • S-202 • 719-502-3333

Accessibility Services strives to create an accessible environment by providing reasonable and appropriate services and accommodations for students with disabilities. The College is committed to providing quality educational support for the diverse needs of its students.

Support services and accommodations may include:

  • Computer Assistive Technology
  • alternative testing arrangements
  • advocacy training
  • identification of strengths and weaknesses
  • instruction in learning strategies
  • note taking (primarily student volunteers)
  • readers/scribes for accommodative testing only
  • text in alternate formats
  • interpreting services (Sign Language)

Accessibility Services is available to the PPCC community – students, faculty, and staff – for consultation and collaboration on disability issues.

It is the responsibility of students requesting an accommodation due to a qualifying disability to self-identify by registering with Accessibility Services, to apply for supportive services, and to furnish documentation, if requested, about the nature and extent of their disability. This information is kept confidential and will be used to plan for appropriate services and accommodations. Students must meet with their disability specialist prior to the beginning of each semester to discuss arrangements for needed timely accommodations. The College is not obligated to provide or continue to provide accommodations that are not approved by ACCESSibility Services.

Informing other staff or faculty does not constitute registering with Accessibility Services. Accommodation requests are evaluated individually to make a determination regarding the provision of reasonable accommodations based on a review and analysis of documentation and circ*mstances.

Determination of accommodations can be an involved and lengthy process; therefore, students are encouraged to begin the Accessibility Services registration process and submit any required documentation as soon as possible. For incoming students, this should be done eight weeks prior to their first semester. For current Accessibility Services students, accommodation renewal appointments should also be made eight weeks prior to each semester to allow time to provide supported accommodations in a timely manner. Students who don’t meet these timelines are still encouraged to call Accessibility Services for information or an appointment.

Proof of purchase for textbooks is required before alternate format materials can be ordered which can take up to eight weeks to receive.

It is Accessibility Services’ practice to NOT support accommodations on a provisional basis. However, Accessibility Services may, at its discretion, support accommodations on a provisional basis (one semester only) in the absence of any required documentation. However, students who receive provisional accommodations must provide the required documentation in order to continue receiving accommodations beyond the one semester of provisional accommodations. Updated documentation may be required depending on the disabling condition, current status of the student and the student’s request for accommodations.

Please note the following:

  1. Accommodations will not be provided even on a provisional basis if there is no indication of a qualifying disability as determined by an Accessibility Services Accommodation Request Determination review. Also, the following may not permit the implementation of any supported accommodation(s): required course Standard Competencies; required essential job duties of an internship or practicum; or degree requirements or national technical standards. Please check with your program area regarding requesting contact information to request accommodations for any professional certification of licensure testing that is not administered by the College. Please refer to the Disability Services Notification for Faculty (accommodation form) for requests that are not guaranteed accommodations because they are discretionary.
  2. Documentation accepted by and accommodations provided by PPCC/Accessibility Services may or may not be accepted by testing agencies or other higher education institutions.
  3. Accommodations provided in the academic environment may or may not be provided at internships, clinical sites, or in the workplace. Please consult with your program adviser and/or Department Chair and Human Resources at your place of work.

It is the student’s responsibility to self-advocate for approved accommodations that are not being provided since accommodations cannot be provided retroactively.

All students, with or without a disability, must adhere to the Student Code of Conduct.

Computer Access Center. The Computer Access Center is located at the Centennial Campus. The center utilizes computer assistive technology such as screen readers, voice recognition, alternative input/output devices, and screen magnification. Courses combining word processing and assistive technology are offered.

Interpreting Services. Interpreter, Oral, and Transliteration services are available for Deaf and hard of hearing students. Call 502-3026 or VP 358-2453 for more information.

Advising & Testing

Centennial • A-119 • 719-502-3232
Downtown Studio • S102 • 719-502-3232
Rampart Range • S-101 • 719-502-3232

Advising & Testing supports student learning by aiding students in deciding what degree or certificate they can pursue to meet their career goals; how to choose courses that provide the shortest path to their chosen goal; and if they are best prepared to start with college level course work. Advising & Testing provides students with information on transferring to 4-year schools; career readiness; faculty advising; and registering for classes. Visit our webpage at: or one of our Advising & Testing offices which are available at all PPCC campuses.

Academic Advising

  • Career counseling (individual and group) to help with decision-making, goal setting, and choosing a college course of study
  • Career assessments to match personal characteristics with occupational options
  • Explanation of basic skills (placement test) results, and assistance in selecting the correct classes based upon a student’s degree and placement results
  • Information on course sequence and prerequisites
  • Help in adding or dropping classes
  • Assignment of a faculty advisor
  • Assistance with changing a course of study or faculty advisor,

Career Planning

  • Career counseling (individual and group) to help with decision-making, goal setting and choosing a college major
  • Workshops on resume writing, job search techniques, and interviewing
  • Employment services to help students market themselves and find a job,
  • Information on the local labor market and planning a job search
  • Career Connection online employment opportunities system (available for current PPCC students and graduates)


Centennial • A-117 • 719-502-3370
Downtown Studio • S102 • 719-502-3390
Rampart Range • S-101 • 719-502-3380

In addition to placement testing, the following testing services are offered:

  • CLEP and DSST testing for college credit
  • GED testing for the Colorado High School Equivalency Diploma
  • Online course testing and classroom make-up testing
  • Various certification exams

All new students entering English as a Second Language (ESL) must take a placement test. This test will place new students into one of three levels; basic, intermediate, or advanced. The test is available on computer at all three campuses. ESL students should call 719-502-3535 for further information.

Accommodations are available for students with documented disabilities. Contact Accessibility Services to make arrangements for accommodated testing, 719-502-3333.

Please call any of the Testing Centers for additional information.

Child Development Centers

Centennial • 719-502-2323
Rampart Range • 719-502-2424

The Child Development Centers located at the Centennial and the Rampart Range Campuses offer comprehensive educational child care services for children age six weeks to five years in infant, toddler, and preschool programs. Children participate in art activities, science, math, music, creative play, language arts, and outdoor play. Hours of operation are Monday – Friday from 7:15 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

The CDC’s are licensed by the Colorado Department of Human Services, a Quality Level 4 rating from Colorado Shines and are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. The Centers are staffed by certified early childhood teachers who are assisted by student staff teacher aides. The Centers serve as a practicum site for students enrolled in the Early Childhood Education Program.

Children of Pikes Peak Community College students, staff, and faculty are eligible to enroll. Cost of child care is on an income-based sliding scale; other financial assistance may be available. Community families are welcome to enroll on a space available basis and are not eligible for the sliding scale. Advance registration is required for all programs. Some classrooms may have a waiting list. The waiting list form can be completed online at

Copy Center

Centennial • C-101 • 719-502-2111

Services are available to students, faculty, and staff for both personal and work-related jobs. The Copy Center is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and offers black and white copies and transparencies; color printing; color banners and posters; design, layout, and production services; folding, binding, padding, and hole punching.

Computer Labs

Centennial • 719-502-2442
Downtown Studio • 719-502-2443
Rampart Range • 719-502-2408

ITSS computer labs at the Centennial, the Downtown Studio and Rampart Range campuses are available to students, faculty, and staff. ITSS computer labs are also open evenings and weekends to provide students with extended access to technology resources. Hours of operation vary by semester and by campus, so please call 719-502-2442 for current lab hours or visit

Lab staff is available to assist students, faculty, and staff with questions and/or problems in the computer labs. Students seeking tutoring services should contact the Learning Commons -Tutoring at 719-502-3444.

Centennial Campus Computer Lab. Located in room A-300, the computer lab at Centennial campus has 130 computers including both PCs and Macs. The Centennial Campus computer lab includes a multimedia area available for students emphasizing Multimedia Graphic Design (MGD) and Computer Aided Drafting and Design - Mechanical programs. This area of the lab is available for all students, faculty, and staff with preference given to those students currently enrolled in MGD and CAD classes.

Downtown Studio Campus Computer Lab. Located in room DOS207, the lab is equipped with 20 computers including both PCs and Macs. Access to the Internet, as well as the instructional network, is provided to assist students with their coursework.

Rampart Range Campus Computer Lab. Located in room E-203, this computer lab is equipped with 33 computers including both PCs and Macs. Each computer has access to the Internet, as well as the instructional network, is provided to assist students with the completion of coursework.

Department of Campus Police

Centennial • A-100 • 719-502-2911
Downtown Studio • DO-S101 • 719-502-2911
Rampart Range • N-106 • 719-502-2911

The Department of Campus Police is located at all campuses. The officers at all campuses can be reached via telephone at 719-502-2911. Emergency calls should be directed to 719-502-2911. The Department of Campus Police is staffed by 17 state certified peace officers. All PPCC Campus Police officers are commissioned State peace/police officers. They have full police authority and function the same as any other law enforcement agency in the State of Colorado and on College property.

Information Technology Support Services

Centennial Main Office • B-201 • 719-502-4800
Centennial Computer Lab • A-300 • 719-502-2442
Downtown Studio Computer Lab • DO-S207 • 719-502-2443
Rampart Range Computer Lab • E-203 • 719-502-2408

The Information Technology Support Services (ITSS) division provides a wide variety of technology services to the College, as well as limited service to the Colorado Community College System and other State entities. Our services span desktop-to-server-to-mainframe computing, networks, telecommunications, Internet connectivity, administrative and academic systems, security, instructional technology, computer labs, plus many support services.

ITSS works with College divisions and departments to develop and implement new systems and technologies. At the same time, we provide quality service and support to all members of the College community.

ITSS provides current students with an account on the instructional network and an e-mail address accessible via the Internet.

Classroom and lab computers are networked with access to the Internet and the instructional network. Each full-service campus has its own local area network (LAN). All campus LANs are linked via redundant fiber optic connections to provide students, faculty, and staff with the ability to seamlessly access data from any campus. Regular backups are performed to ensure that coursework and other data are recoverable in the event of a disaster.

Wireless Access. Wireless access to the Internet is available across all areas of the Centennial, Downtown, and Rampart Range Campuses.

IT Service Desk. The IT Service Desk is located in room B-201 at Centennial Campus and is open Monday-Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm and Fridays from 9:00am to 5:00pm. The help desk can be reached 24/7 via telephone at 1-888-800-9198 or online at

Learning Commons - Tutoring

Centennial • A200 • 719-502-2400
Downtown Studio • DO-N204 • 719-502-2318
Rampart Range • S201 • 719-502-2440

The mission of our Learning Commons is to promote student persistence by reinforcing the importance of supplemental support, collaborative inquiry, and independent learning. Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to take advantage of the free academic resources offered in Learning Commons. Tutoring resources include the following:

  • Drop in tutoring for many subjects, including math, writing, and sciences
  • EdReady, a free personalized learning resource to help students strengthen math and writing skills
  • College Success Workshops
  • Fellows Tutoring, embedded tutoring support in certain STEM and writing intensive courses
  • Online writing support

Students seeking tutoring and other academic support services should:

  • Follow the course sequence outlined by their academic advisor (tutoring does not take the place of prerequisite courses)
  • Attend classes, participate and engage with the academic material
  • Come to sessions prepared with all relevant course material including notes, textbooks, and assignment descriptions

Schedules for all services are available on the Learning Commons website. Tutoring sessions are drop-in only, except for fellows sessions which may take the form of one-on-one consultations or scheduled group sessions. More information about tutoring services at the Learning Commons can be found on our website.


Centennial Learning Commons • A-200•719-502-2400
Rampart Range • N-201•719-502-2440

The Library provides a supportive learning and study environment at the Centennial Learning Commons and the Rampart Range Campus Library. Services provided at both locations include research assistance and workshops, study rooms, computer access and interlibrary loan. Research assistance is available at the Downtown Studio Campus two days/week. Resource materials include electronic databases, 150,000+ eBooks, online subject specific research guides, print books and magazines, DVD’s, audio books. Electronic resources are available off-campus.

Reference and Research Service

Our professional reference librarians serve as information guides to help students, faculty, staff, and community users find their way to the most relevant sources, whether using databases, the web, or print resources. The reference staff also provides research instruction to classes, creates online research subject guides and videos. Reference librarians and peer research tutors are available for research assistance in-person, virtual chat, texting, email and by phone.


Centennial • A-324 • 719-502-2012

The PPCC Student Ombuds is a neutral person available to assist students who are seeking resolution to problems or concerns relating to their educational experience at PPCC. The Ombuds can help students navigate college organizational structure and bureaucracy, and assist with understanding of policies and procedures. For additional information call 719-502-2012 or email


Centennial • A-107 • 719-502-3000
Downtown Studio • DO-S100 • 719-502-3000
Rampart Range • S-102 • 719-502-3000

All records of enrollment at PPCC are kept in the Student Services Centers. Transcripts are available upon request within certain timelines, normally one to three days for processing. Transcripts are not released without the student submitting a transcript request form and will not be released until all accounts with the College are current. Students may view their records and ask to have information corrected or kept private. The transcript request form can be found online at

The College releases directory information upon legitimate request. Directory information is defined as a student’s name, semesters attended, most recent previous school attended, major field of study, and degrees and awards received. To keep this information private, students may file a written request with the Student Services Centers. The form is located at

All students attending classes at PPCC are assumed to be independent, and therefore, information, other than directory information, is not provided to parents or other persons or agencies unless the student authorizes the release of data by completing the “Release of Non-Directory Information” form.

No transcript or information other than that listed above is normally released to the public without written consent that specifies the information to be released. The College releases records and accounts to appropriate U.S. government representatives in compliance with federal statutes. In addition, certain state officials may lawfully be entitled to information from student records.

Information concerning the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act is available in the Students Services Centers and online at

All application/records materials become property of PPCC when submitted to the institution.

Retention Services

Centennial • A-212 • 719-502-2360
Downtown Studio • DO-S126 • 719-502-2360
Rampart Range • S-207 • 719-502-2360

The Retention Services department offers a variety of services to support student success at PPCC. Whether you’re a new or currently enrolled student, you can meet with one of our Success Coaches to receive detailed information on PPCC services and referrals to campus and community resources.

Listed below are just some of the resources we can assist with and refer PPCC students to:

  • Connections to community agencies
  • Food
  • Job searches
  • Mentoring
  • Navigating PPCC
  • Technology
  • Transportation
  • Tutoring
  • and more…

Please visit our website at for available walk-in times and campus locations to meet with a Success Coach or please call our office at 719-502-2360 to schedule an appointment.

Southern Colorado Educational Opportunity Center (SCEOC)

Centennial • A-110 • 719-502-3028

The SCEOC helps low-income or first-generation college students. Services include help with completion of financial aid and admission applications, guidance in selecting a college, and information about current scholarships as well as online scholarship searches, federal tax preparation, career counseling, testing, and workshops. All services are free.

Student Counseling and Resource Center

Centennial • C-201a & C-201b
Downtown Studio • DO-S126a
Rampart Range • N-107c

Between classes, work, family, finances and regular life events, college students encounter a great deal of stress over the course of their education. While most students cope successfully with the demands of college life, for some the pressures can at times become overwhelming and unmanageable. At those times, the Student Counseling and Resource Center is here to help. We have licensed counselors who provide confidential counseling intervention and support, and referrals to campus and community resources as well as for ongoing counseling and Mental Health care.

To reach our Counselors call 719-502-4782. If you or another person experiences a mental health crisis or other emergency outside of normal business hours, call Campus Police at 2911 from campus. If you are off campus go to your nearest Emergency Room or dial 911.

As always, if you are on campus and experience or observe a dangerous situation call Campus Police at 2911.

Online resources are also available at, an anonymous, internet-based resource that provides students with non-threatening and supportive links to information and resources, and information regarding stress, pressures of college life, depression or mental illness and more. ULifeline was created by students for students with the support of the JED Foundation and under the supervision of respected mental health professionals (adapted from retrieved January 2007).

Important Note: By acting as a resource broker for the aforementioned services (i.e. counseling, treatment, re-entry programs and rehabilitation services), the State of Colorado, the State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education (SBCCOE), Pikes Peak Community College and its former and current employees assume no responsibility/liability for the services (or lack thereof) provided by the referred agency or agencies.

Pikes Peak Community College, the State of Colorado, the State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education (SBCCOE), and its former and current employees are not responsible for any content on Ulifeline’s website that is posted outside of PPCC’s dedicated web space.

TRiO-Disabled Student Support Services

Centennial • A-130 • 719-502-3900

Disabled Student Support Services (DSSS) is a federally funded grant program that helps to increase the number of college students with disabilities in the United States to successfully complete a program of study at the postsecondary level. DSSS provides opportunities for academic development, assistance with basic college requirements, and mentoring students toward the successful completion of their postsecondary education.


To be eligible to participate in the TRiO-Disabled Student Support Services Program, students must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • is a citizen or national of the United State or meets the residency requirements for Federal student financial assistance,
  • is enrolled at the grantee institution or accepted for enrollment in the next academic term at the institution,
  • has a need for academic support, as determined by the grantee, in order to purse successfully a postsecondary educational program and,
  • an individual with disabilities.

DSSS serves a limited number of students every year and we invite you to apply in person or online at

TRiO-Student Support Services

Centennial • A-130• 719-502-3222

The TRIO Student Support Services Office is available to help low income and first generation students graduate and transfer to a four-year college and all of our services are FREE.

Student Support Services offers the following services to program participants:

  • Assessment of learning strategies and study skills
  • Customized study skills help
  • Academic and career planning
  • Four-year college university campus tours and transfer advising
  • Professional and peer academic mentoring
  • Help with Math courses
  • Scholarship and financial aid searches
  • Financial and economic literacy workshops
  • Pre-semester conferences and workshops

We serve a limited number of students every year and we invite you to apply. You can pick up an application at our Centennial Campus office or download from


U.S. Citizen, low-income, First Generation, have a disability, or are a Veteran.

Visitation Program (Four-year Colleges & Universities)

All Campuses • 719-502-3232

Representatives from four-year schools regularly visit Pikes Peak Community College to meet with students who plan to transfer after receiving an Associate’s Degree from PPCC. The schedules are available online.

Services for Students - Pikes Peak Community College (2024)
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