12 McDonald’s Copycat Recipes You Need To Try Right Now (2024)

Hanging out at home just got better with these exciting and fuss-free McDonald’s copycat recipes! Enjoy comfort foods straight from your home with these equally savory McDonald’s copycats!If you want the beloved flavors of McDonald’s in the comfort of your own home, then you gotta make it yourself! We have here 12 simple and tasty McDonald’s copycat recipes for you to try, with everything from a Big Mac to a frozen strawberry lemonade. Everything you love from McDonald’s… right in your kitchen!

Easy McDonald’s Copycat Recipes You Will Swear Taste Just As Good!

1.McDonald’s Sweet Tea

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Fast food gets a bad rap when it comes to your health, but people just can’t get enough of the taste and pleasure these foods bring. Luckily, there are healthier options and no McDonald’s recipe is easier to copy and healthy-fy than this McDonald’s sweet tea.

MakeMcDonald’s refreshing sweet tea in the comfort of your home. Nothing is better than a cold glass of sweet tea any time of the day, especially the McDonald’s way! You just need water, bags of tea, ice, and sugar. Easy peasy!

2.McDonald’s McGriddle

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McDonald’s is the most lucrative fast food restaurant in the world. Well, it isn’t a wonder with McDonald’s menu of undeniably comforting comfort foods. Starting with the McGriddle which people on the go really love.

Start your morning right with your ownhomemade McGriddle. You may not see that iconic McDonald’s logo on your bread but it will tasteimpressively the same.

3.Shamrock Shake

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It doesn’t have to be St. Patricks to enjoy McDonald’s shamrock shake anytime you want to. Foursimple ingredients you might actually find in your fridge and pantry, and you too can enjoy this shamrock shake at home. It is pretty simple, frothy, and so delicious. If you don’t have ablender, just mix everything in a bowl and you’re good to go!

4.McDonald’s French Fries

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ReplicateMcDonald’s addictive French friesusing this simple recipe.If you have ever wondered how such a basic recipe can give you that unique McDonald’s French Fries flavor, well, try it and see for yourself. It may not be exactly the same since you willskip some fast-food cooking processes, but it is really close to the real thing.

5.McDonald’s Sweet Chili Chicken Wrap

12 McDonald’s Copycat Recipes You Need To Try Right Now (5)

This recipe is a healthier version of McDonald’s sweet chili chicken wrap. Just put everything inside a tortilla wrap includinglettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, grilled chicken strips, mayo, and sweet chili sauceand enjoy!They’re extremely addicting and superb in terms of appearance and flavors. How could you possibly resist?

6.McDonald’s Pancakes

12 McDonald’s Copycat Recipes You Need To Try Right Now (6)

You’ll definitely get out of bed for these fluffy and delicious McDonald’s pancakes. This recipe gives you a cakeyand aromatic pancake just like what they serve inthe restaurant. You’ll love it!

You might also want to try this: Easy Homemade Pancake Recipe! Or this: EasyHealthy Banana Pancake Recipe!

7.McDonald’s Frozen Strawberry Lemonade


I’ve been asking my friends what McDonald’s beverage they actually want to recreate and they said they’re completely mesmerized by their thirst-quenching frozen strawberry lemonade. Luckily, it’s easier to make than youthink! Only 4 ingredients and a few simple steps and you can make this McDonald’s copycat for everyone in the house.

8.McDonald’s Big Mac

12 McDonald’s Copycat Recipes You Need To Try Right Now (7)
Enjoy this classic McDonald’s Big Macwithout having to fall in line at the restaurant. It’s simply stacking up a burger with the rest of the Big Mac ingredients, which is entirely easy-peasy to do. How will it taste like the original? Well, the magic is in the sauce to this copycat Big Mac recipe!

9.McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets

12 McDonald’s Copycat Recipes You Need To Try Right Now (8)

Who doesn’t love McDonald’s chicken nuggets? It’s one of the most loved items off the McDonald’s menu by people of all ages. This recipe will teach you how to make McNuggets the simplest way!

10.McDonald’s Vanilla Iced Coffee

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The regular McDonald’s iced coffee tastes good but this sugar-free version is way better! You can easily make this at home and enjoy it during both hot and cold weather. Anytimeyou, please!

11.Sausage & Egg McMuffin

12 McDonald’s Copycat Recipes You Need To Try Right Now (10)

Another McDonald’s breakfast delight you can replicate at home with even better flavor! If you have egg rings, great! But if you don’t, just make do with what you have and it will taste delectable.

12.McDonald’s Fried Apple Pie


With over 36,000 locations in cities all across the world, you’re bound to run into one or two McDonald’s on your way to school or work. While you can easily get your hands on some McDonald’s apple pies, why not try to make your own version.

These copycat McDonald’s apple pies are crisp on the outside and perfectly luscious and delightful on the inside. Deep fried to perfection–Sweet, sweet, sweet McDonald’s apple pie!

In case you’re interested in what McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets are actually made of, you have to watch this awesome video from Ed Stein featuring Grant Imahara and end the rumorsabout how they are made:

There you have it, folks! I hope you all enjoy these copycat recipes as much I certainly do! These recipes made it easy for you to enjoy your favorite fast food snacks without changing out of your pajamas. You can prepare these McDonald’s copycat recipes easily and quickly at home using simple ingredients you might already have in your pantry or fridge.

What do you think of these McDonald’s copycat recipes?Which recipes are you planning to try?Share your experience with us in the comments section below!

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12 McDonald’s Copycat Recipes You Need To Try Right Now (2024)
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